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The Finishes Available For Gates


What Finishes Are Available for Gates and Fences?

From lacquered wood to powder-coated high-gauge steel, you can choose from a wide range of finishes for your gate or fence. We explain how to choose the right finish in this informative blog post, which covers everything from weather-proofing wrought iron gates to wooden fence painting ideas.

Choosing the Right Finish For Your Fence

Depending on which type of fence you opt for, a range of finishes will be available. Gorgeous Gates can advise which finish will best enhance the durability of your fencing, and we offer a wealth of high-quality options to choose from for our clients.

Wooden Fences – Penetrating Finishes That Stabilise the Wood Surface

Wooden fences require a water-repellent, weather-resistant finish that blocks ultraviolet radiation, contains a mildewcide and penetrates deeply into the wood. Simply varnishing the wood will not enhance its durability, as varnish only adds a surface film that requires regular maintenance.

When you finish your wood fence with an oil-based, semi-transparent stain, you ensure that the finish penetrates the wood and stabilises its surface. We recommend the use of a semi-transparent finish — rather than a totally transparent one — because the pigment helps to protect your wood fence from UV rays that could bleach and age its surface. You’ll need to re-apply a semi-transparent wood stain every three to five years. If you prefer, a high-pigment wood stain that adds rich colour to your fence will also provide the high levels of weather resistance and UV protection that it requires.

Did You Know…? Wood stain applied to the shady side of the fence will last around twice as long as the stain on the unshaded side, so you might find that you need to re-apply the stain to one side more frequently than the other.

Application Tips

You should use a pump sprayer to apply oil-based wood stain and go over the surface immediately with a dry brush or roller to prevent the finish from looking blotchy. Looking for more fence painting ideas? Our experts can advise on everything from brands and colours of wood stain to which weather-resistant outdoor paints can be used to give your fence a colourful new look.

Metal Fences – Galvanisation and Factory-Applied Powder Coating

A metal fence needs to be weather-proofed and strengthened. Galvanising the metal by dipping it in molten zinc helps to protect it against corrosion and brings it up to standard. This zinc phosphate metal primer is non-toxic and anti-corrosive. It can be used on iron or steel and is applied using a paint spray system to give a smooth and professional finish.

Once the zinc primer has been applied, we will powder-coat your metal fence with a polyester finish, which is applied before it leaves the factory. An electrostatic spray is used to apply colour to the metal and it is then oven cured to form a coating in your choice of colour and gloss level. Powder coating further protects galvanised steel against corrosion and is guaranteed for as long as 25 years. Powder coating is included with all Gorgeous Gates metal fencing and gating orders because it is a long-lasting and low-maintenance way to protect your fence from damage over time.

If you are looking for a specific finish that can only be achieved with wet paint, it is possible to apply wet paint on-site while your fence is being installed, and many colours are available to suit your style preferences.

Application Tips

Powder coating should only be applied in the factory by experts. Wet paint can be applied on-site using a paint spray system, however, we wouldn’t recommend attempting this yourself if you are hoping for a smooth, consistent finish.

Finishes for Wooden and Metal Gates


Wooden Gates – Penetrating Exterior Wood Oil

New wooden gates are tanalised or pressure treated to protect the timber against wood rot and insects. However, this doesn’t protect them against the elements and damage over time. That is why it’s essential to coat the gate with a clear exterior wood oil or decking oil that deeply penetrates its cells and helps to stabilise it for long-term durability. If you are eager to keep a natural wood finish, a clear exterior wood oil will provide protection from UV rays and rain. Like with a wooden fence, we suggest opting for at least a semi-transparent finish to provide optimum protection for your gate, as the colour pigment provides additional stabilisation for the wood.

Did You Know…? It’s important to ensure that any wood preservative used on your gate is wax, oil and silicone-free so that the finish you apply afterwards can penetrate deeply into the wood. Otherwise, the preservative may repel the finish from the wood.

Metal Gates – Galvanisation and Powder Coating


As with metal fences, a metal gate should be galvanised to protect it from corrosion and rust. Powder coating is applied to provide a satin finish in your choice of gloss and colour for long-term and maintenance-free use of your gate. You’ll never have to rub down or paint your metal gates if you opt for a powder-coated finish.

Did you know…? Powder coating alone will not protect your metal gate from rust. Your gate must be galvanised before powder coating is applied for maximum durability.

What if I Am Using Reclaimed Metal Gates?

If you are purchasing a reclaimed metal gate, usually constructed from wrought iron, it may need sanding back with an abrasive paper or wire brush to remove rust, then treated with a rust treatment and painted with an exterior metal paint in your choice of colour and gloss. A professional sand or shot blasting service will take your old gates back to bare metal, making it easier to refinish and coat your gate.

Opt For a Finish That Protects Your Gate or Fence in the Long Term

Whichever finish you choose for your wooden or metal gate, make sure that it offers sufficient protection against wind, rain and damage for years to come. Remember that while it might be slightly cheaper to skim over the final finishing touches, or feel like less hassle, in the long run, it could end up costing you dearly in repairs. Gorgeous Gates includes complementary finishing and powder coating for all clients who purchase metal gates and fences from us as standard. It’s just one of the reasons why so many people trust us to provide the reliable and high-quality service they deserve.

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